Sunak promises a cap on refugees, while Truss offers to extend the Rwanda programme to other nations.

Mr Sunak pledges to “do whatever it takes” to see the plan through, while Ms Truss declares herself “committed” to seeing it through to completion.

According to the two remaining Tory candidates for the party’s top job, the controversial government plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda will go ahead.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she will extend the existing strategy to more nations, while former chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged to do “whatever it takes” for the policy to succeed.

Even though the Commons home affairs committee said last week that there is “no clear evidence” that the plan will work, they both said they will still support the £120 million program.

Legal objections have thus far stopped any flights supported under the policy.

Ms Truss on Sunday said: “As prime minister, I am determined to see the Rwanda policy through to full implementation as well as explore other countries where we can work on similar partnerships.”

“I’ll make sure we have the right levels of force and protection at our borders.”

“I will not cower to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) and its continued efforts to try and control immigration policy.”

To “allow the UK to double the number of Channel patrols,” the foreign secretary promised to boost frontline border force capability by 20% and double border force maritime employee numbers.

Even though Home Secretary Priti Patel gave up on her plan to send small boats back to France in April after it was challenged in court, she said she would consider “all possible turn-around tactics” to stop migrants from crossing the channel.

In addition, Mr Sunak pledged to do “everything it takes” to ensure the success of the Rwanda policy and said he would make it more challenging for new arrivals to be recognised as refugees.

He provided a 10-point immigration proposal, which would define the term “immigrant” more narrowly than the European Convention on Human Rights does (ECHR). Source

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