“UK chose not to give money!” Angry French MP accuses Post-Brexit Britain of creating border turmoil 

According to French MP Pierre-Henri Dumont, Brexit Britain’s refusal to provide funding for additional kiosks to verify passports at the Port of Dover is a factor in the continuous commotion at the border. 

The UK Government made allegations, which the Calais MP disputed, that France’s unwillingness to send out more border officers is to blame for the miles-long lines that are clogging the motorway to Dover. 

According to Pierre-Henri Dumont, Brexit Britain was told about the effects of the increased inspections that would be implemented once it left the EU but did nothing to prevent problems. 

Les Republicains MP said in a statement to Sky News that “Almost 100 percent of the kiosks given to the French Police to run the checks at the Port of Dover are filled with French police officers.

“We cannot do more, we can’t go faster than that. The fact is the port is a very small one, is three to four times smaller than the port in Calais.

“And I saw that two years ago the British Government decided not to give money to the Port of Dover to improve the number of kiosks for the French Police.

“We see the Tory Party is deciding who is going to be the next Prime Minister in the UK, and they’re not talking about facts.

“They’re talking about fake news and they’re blaming the French authorities for something that is not on us.”

On the French Border situation, Ms Truss said: “We need action from France to build up capacity at the border to limit any further disruption for British tourists and to ensure this appalling situation is avoided in future.” Source of the Story

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