A fuming Liverpudlian woman destroys Labour’s Keir Starmer in a brutal face-to-face take down – VIDEO

After being confronted by an irate Liverpool resident (an admitted Labour member), Keir Starmer received a public berating like no other.

During a confrontation by left-wing Labour activists, the Leader of the Opposition was ruthlessly lambasted for his leadership of the party, leaving Sir Keir Starmer rattled.

After making a speech in the city on Monday, the Labour leader was challenged by an angry Liverpudlian lady as he was sitting searching for words.

The woman didn’t hold back, telling the out-of-touch champagne socialist: “Can I just say that? I don’t know how you’ve got the guts to come to this city after you have been interviewed and doing columns for the Sun newspaper, after the way we as a city, the Hillsborough victims were abused by that paper, and you’ve come here.

“Secondly, you lied to us about uniting the party. I’m still a Labour Party member, and you’ve expelled and witch-hunted in the most vicious way I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, and I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for a long, long time.

“You have absolutely said you had ten pledges, you are going to carry on the Corbyn legacy and ever since you’ve done nothing, but distance yourself from the ideas which tens of thousands of people join the Labour Party to support.

“All You’ve done this feed into the Tory ideology of not supporting strikes and of carrying on with the privatisation of our health care.”

This public berating confirms that even the Labour Party members dislike the current Labour leader. He isn’t Prime Minister material. 

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