Diane Abbott takes a scathing dig at Keir Starmer’s U-turn as Labour descends into a conflict of its own making.

Diane Abbott has attacked Sir Keir Starmer for abandoning Labour’s policy on nationalisation after the party leader sparked outrage yesterday. There is anger among Labour’s left-wing MPs and many grassroots members after Sir Keir ruled out bringing water and energy firms back into public ownership yesterday.

Labour passed a motion backing nationalisation at its party conference and Sir Keir vowed to stick to the policies when he was elected as Labour leader.

Criticising Sir Keir this morning, Ms Abbott said: “Nationalisation is [an] agreed Labour Party policy, in the manifesto we were all elected on.

“More importantly, it is vital for the economic transformation we need, to cut the cost of living, create well-paid jobs and end the dearth of investment.”

The latest internal row to plague the Labour Party came after Sir Keir distanced himself from the party’s 2019 manifesto. Source

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