In a new appeal to return to the UK, Shamima Begum claims she “wants to be as British as possible.”

As she renews her call for the UK to accept her plea, Shamima Begum has said that she “wants to be as British as possible.” The Jihadi bride, who was 15 when she left the UK for Syria in 2015, is accused of contributing to the creation of suicide vests for ISIS militants, something Ms Begum has previously denied undertaking.

Since 2019, she has been detained in Syria.

Male ISIS members being seized by the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Force are now being put on trial; women will follow later this summer. I want to be as British as I can, Ms Begum said in a new appeal to be allowed to go back to the UK while speaking from the Al-Roj prison camp.

She continued by saying she want to “be used as an example” for other Britons to avoid going down the same road.

Ms Begum is of the opinion that she will live for the rest of her days in Syria despite her best efforts to return to the UK.

Ms Begum added: “That’s how I feel and that’s what it looks like,” as revealed by GB News commentator Benjamin Butterworth.

She continued: “The problem is at the age of being a teenager you’re very arrogant and you don’t listen to people so sometimes you really do have to learn the hard way.

“I could be used as an example, like you don’t want to end up like her. If it stops children making the same mistake that I made of course use me as an example.

“Tell the kids ‘don’t be like her, don’t become like her’.”

According to reports, the Jihadi bride chose a t-shirt and leggings over conventional Islamic garb.

Along with other British females, Ms Begum alleges that she was trafficked by ISIS members to be a bride.

Begum said: “It’s hard to believe, but that did happen. It happened so fast, it happened in less than a year.” Source

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