Sunak sidelined as Ben Wallace backs Liz Truss saying she has what it takes to be the next Prime Minister of Britain.

He criticises rival Rishi Sunak for disappearing while claiming that the Foreign Secretary is “authentic, honest, and experienced” with “integrity” for the top job.

Blasting the former Chancellor’s coup against Boris Johnson, Mr Wallace said what would have happened that day if the markets had plummeted?

Angered by his actions, A shocking two days of government collapse were brought on by the deliberate resignation of MrSunak from the Treasury, resulting in Mr Johnson resigning from the post as PM. This seems to be the reason why Mr Wallace backs Liz Truss.

Hitting out at Sunak, wallace said: “I don’t have the luxury as Defence Secretary of just walking out the door — I have roles in keeping this country safe.”

“And the guardian of the markets, you know, the guardian of our economy, is the Chancellor.”

When asked whether Mr Sunak had violated his duties, Mr Wallace responded: “We each had our own considerations. I have a duty until I’m replaced.”

Mr Wallace was the members favourite to take over from Boris Johnson, but now the big hitter’s support would further solidify Ms Truss’s reputation as the favourite to follow Mr Johnson as Prime Minister.

Asked by The Sun, Mr Wallace said: “What you see is what you get with Liz and that is what the public wants more than ever at this moment.”

“I’ve sat next to Liz in the Cabinet for two and a half years. I’ve sat next to her in National Security Councils. I’ve sat next to her at Nato and international summits. I’ve seen her in action.”

“And she’s authentic. She’s honest. And she’s experienced.”

In another shot at his rival Rishi, he said: “I get that she is not the slickest salesperson on the planet, right? She’s not running a highly polished Hollywood production leadership campaign, but that’s reflective of who she is.

“She knows how to govern. And her experience goes from running the finances of this country all the way through to Britain on the foreign stage.”

“I don’t see any other candidate with that breadth of experience to begin with and these are not normal times.”

“We have an economic crisis. We have an international volatile environment of real concern, both threatening Britain’s allies but also threatening Britain.”

“The world’s more anxious than it’s ever been, I think it’s more insecure than it was a decade ago and Liz Truss understands that.”


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