Seminal moment! As a result of the union backlash after Tarry’s dismissal, Labour is in danger of becoming bankrupt.

According to a source, the Labour Party may become bankrupt as a result of a trade union uprising against Sir Keir Starmer over the firing of Shadow Transport Minister Sam Tarry.

Sam Tarry, an Ilford South MP, lost his position as Sir Keir Starmer’s shadow transport minister on Wednesday when he joined the RMT workers’ picket line at Euston station.

After being accused of flouting regulations governing collective responsibility by inventing policies “on the hoof,” Mr Tarry was fired by the Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership campaign was managed by the former shadow transport minister, who is said to be dating Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner.

The Leader of the Opposition was criticised for firing Mr Tarry by a number of significant union barons, who placed pressure on Sir Keir to reverse the decision.

The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) and Unite have already voted to reduce funding to Labour beyond the base fee they pay to be affiliated with the party.

The CWU’s general secretary, Dave Ward, said on Wednesday: “I don’t think any trade union that is in dispute at the moment has got the support of the Labour leadership.”

“Their actions – Keir Starmer’s actions – in this are a disgrace, and it’s not acceptable.”

In a statement, Sharon Graham, the general secretary of Unite, called Tarry’s dismissal “an insult to the trade union movement” and said it “will do absolutely nothing to further Labour’s prospects for power.”

Despite what Ms Graham claims, the Telegraph believes it is unlikely that Unite will sever ties with Labour.

After 119 years, the Bakers, Food, and Allies Workers’ Union, which supported Brexit in 2016, did choose to depart from Starmer’s Labour Party.

Speaking to the Telegraph, a Labour source said : “There is a real sense now that this could be quite a seminal moment.”

“There could be a permanent break with the other unions.”

“Starmer has p****d off basically the entire TUC [Trades Union Congress].”

“The party could be bankrupted, which has almost happened before.”


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