‘Sunak is a FRAUD!’  Nigel Farage criticises Rishi over  “spent my life in business” claim 

In response to Rishi Sunak’s assertion that he has spent his whole life making difficult choices, Nigel Farage has called him a “fraud.” 

For the position of Conservative Party leader, former chancellor Mr Sunak is competing against foreign secretary Liz Truss. 

Mr Sunak has staked his candidacy on his background in business, often citing his origins and his claim that he assisted his mother in keeping the finances straight for her pharmacy. 

Mr Sunak said in a statement to The Times that he had “spent [his] life having to be tough to get results.”

The deputy political editor for the Mail on Sunday, Anna Mikhailova, however, tweeted: “‘I’ve spent my life in business,’ says 42-year-old Rishi Sunak, who has been an MP since 2015. 

He worked for Goldman Sachs for three years as an analyst, then attended business school before spending a short time with each hedge fund. 

Retweeting Ms Mikhailova’s article, Nigel Farage simply stated: “Sunak is a fraud.” 

Clarifying her viewpoint, Ms Mikhailova said: “People who work with Sunak tend to say he is extremely capable and hardworking. So it’s a bizarre move to exaggerate his past experience with this line.”

He enrolled at Stanford University in 2006 and was a partner at the hedge fund company The Children’s Investment Fund Management at the time. 

In October 2009, he then joined old coworkers at the brand-new hedge fund company Theleme Partners. 

In addition, Mr Sunak served as a director for the industrialist N. R. Narayana Murthy’s investment company Catamaran Ventures owned by his father-in-law. 

After that, he entered politics, running as the Conservative candidate for Richmond, North Yorkshire, a Tory safe seat, in 2014. He later won the election, becoming an MP, in 2015. Source

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