According to the Unite head, the Labour Party is “sticking two fingers up” at working people.

The head of the party’s largest union contributor has warned that Labour is becoming “irrelevant to workers” and that it is now difficult to justify giving the party millions in financing.

The general secretary of Unite, Sharon Graham, said in an interview with The Observer that she believed Labour’s reaction to strike action and its abandonment of commitments to renationalise public utilities amounted to “sticking two fingers up” at workers.

Graham was responding to Keir Starmer’s firing of shadow transport minister Sam Tarry MP, which infuriated the left.

Following a comment he made last week while joining train employees on a picket line, Tarry was fired for saying that workers should get salary increases that matched inflation.

Prior to this, shadow ministers had been told not to join in pickets. Additionally, Starmer said last week that previous commitments to renationalise utilities needed to be reevaluated in light of the debt the COVID pandemic left behind.


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