Fury as Priti Patel to pay France tens of millions in a bid to stop migrant Channel crossings

Ms Patel looks prepared to give France tens of millions of pounds for additional beach patrols and surveillance.

Senior Tory MPs allegedly urged the Home Secretary to back off after past arrangements failed to have a substantial impact.

Over the last two years, the UK has paid the French more than £80 million, but their interception rate has decreased.

Only 46% of all attempted crossings were stopped this year before they reached UK waters. About 50% of them were stopped last year.

Ms Patel, however, was adamant on moving forward with this plan.

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She sad: “Conservative MPs voted for these measures and are fully aware of the extensive international partnership work with many countries including France to tackle the many causes of illegal migration.” Source

4 thoughts on “Fury as Priti Patel to pay France tens of millions in a bid to stop migrant Channel crossings

  1. What is she doing giving our taxes to the French when they should be doing the EU law job for nil pound. One French Police officer said Ïf we try to stop them they will kill themselves, so the French Police do not stop them crossing the Chanel. SO stop giving the French our taxes. They are taking the fool out of us as they have done in the past. We are out of the EU and the French control so stop giving our money to them and send the boat people back to France and let them and the EU deal with them NOT US THE TAXPAYER. These UK MPs are employed and paid my the UK People SO just do as your told and take note of the British people your employer and stop giving out taxes away.

  2. Australia had the right idea. Turn them back at sea, It is stupid giving the French more money. If they threaten to kill themselves, that’s their prerogative. Just an idle threat that seems to work on the French.

  3. Patel IS THE PROBLEM here! She spouts regular praise for insignificant UK authority’s achievements whilst failing to achieve anything significant regarding this illegal migratory invasion to our shores. She is, in effect, financially REWARDING the French for their ineptness, or unwillingness [more like] at preventing this situation. Personally, I feel that she is MORE IN FAVOUR of allowing the continuation of illegal crossings, than preventing them! If she remains in office after the new PM replacement, it will be. devastating for both country and the government’s future, since the Tory’s GE pledge, to protect and secure UK borders has become a National & International joke under her watch! Britain cannot and should not sustain these ever increasing numbers of illegal entries, nor is it able to successfully deal with the amount already here. The evidence that these “asylum seekers” are basically just migrants, is that the vast majority are young males, not families or elderly or frightened individuals, they are unknown possibilities of all sorts of threat to our society and primarily searching for economic reasons alone, plus the benefits of a “soft touch social system” which comes with it, otherwise, what are their reasons for leaving a safe haven like France and purchase a place on to a further destination, OF THEIR CHOICE? The electorate are neither stupid nor blind to the facts, neither will they be forgetful of them at the next GE!

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