Rishi Sunak delivered a fatal blow to his leadership prospects after another major cabinet minister backed Truss.

Nadhim Zahawi, a prominent member of the cabinet, has given Liz Truss his support as her bid for the Tory leadership gains traction.

The Chancellor attacked Rishi Sunak’s track record at the Treasury while praising Ms Truss for her “booster” economic proposals. The status quo isn’t an option during a crisis, he said, accusing his predecessor of taking a “doomster” attitude to the nation’s finances.

The well-liked Conservative minister and past contender for the party’s leadership gave his support on the same day that ballots began to arrive at party members’ doorsteps.

It is believed that a significant portion of individuals who have the power to choose the future Prime Minister of the UK have already decided on their preferred candidate. In the next few days, they will cast their votes.

In order to change the tide in the race to succeed Boris Johnson, Mr Sunak has a mountain of work to do.

Several of his cabinet colleagues openly declared their support for Ms Truss, striking his campaign hard.

In the last three days, both Ben Wallace, who is the secretary of defense, and Tom Tugendhat, who is the head of the foreign affairs committee, have backed the front-runner.

Mr Wallace criticised Mr Sunak for leaving the government, saying it was improper to trigger “cabinet ministers walking out at the time of a crisis.”

She is extremely straight forward, genuine, and what you see is what you get, said the Wyre and Preston North MP in admiration of Mr Truss.

The Foreign Secretary, according to Mr Tugendhat, has a vision for the nation that is built on “true Conservative principles.”

Giving his own support to Ms Truss today, Mr Zahawi said that, since taking over for Mr Sunak last month, he had personally seen the necessity for a shift in the economic strategy.

He wrote in The Telegraph: “Liz understands that the status quo isn’t an option in times of crisis.

“To quote the excellent economist Sam Bowman, we need a ‘booster’ attitude to the economy, not a ‘doomster’ one, in order to address cost-of-living woes and the challenges that face us on the world stage.

“I’ve now got my feet under the desk in No11 Downing Street, and I can tell you that my Treasury officials are some of the most intelligent, professional and hard-working people anywhere in the world.

“But they need the political leadership to deliver a step-change in how we run the nation’s finances, and Liz’s plans for a low-tax economy that puts growth first are what we need.”


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