Penny Mordaunt confirms her support for Liz Truss as Rishi’s PM aspirations continue to collapse. 

Penny Mordaunt has emerged as the latest major figure to back Liz Truss’s leadership bid, with the Foreign Secretary promising to harness “the spirit of the Lionesses” if she becomes Prime Minister. 

The international trade minister, who just lost out on a place in the final two of the leadership election, formally presented Ms Truss at the hustings in Exeter, calling her “the hope candidate.” 

Obtaining Ms Mordaunt’s backing is a big achievement for the Foreign Secretary, allowing her to make the argument for being the candidate who unites the Tory Party’s left and right. 

Ms Truss, who was there at England’s historic European Cup victory, promised to “channel the spirit of the Lionesses” in ensuring Britain’s “best days are ahead of it.” 

Ms Mordaunt was applauded when she declared to a Tory audience that she was supporting Ms Truss. 

She informed Tory members in a theatrical beginning that she “likes both candidates” and played with them before announcing her choice. 

She stated: “Liz has shown she will defend freedom at home and abroad, and is prepared to do what it takes to keep us safe. That is why, with her, I believe we can deliver for the public and we can win at the ballot box.”

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