A judge issues a fresh arrest warrant for the bomber’s brother in the Manchester Arena attack. 

Ismail Abedi left the country last year after being asked to testify before the bombing inquiry.

Ismail Abedi, the brother of the Manchester Arena bomber, had a fresh arrest warrant issued for him due to his absence from the terror attack probe. 

The warrant was issued by Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday morning. Abedi was found guilty earlier this year for avoiding the inquiry despite being summoned. 

Abedi, 29, has declined to respond to the investigation’s queries for fear of implicating himself. At the time, Sir John Saunders, the chairman, rejected his argument and ordered that he attend. 

Abedi reportedly left the UK last year and is now going by the name Ben Romdhan. 

Hashem Abedi, his younger brother, was imprisoned for the terrorist attack’s 22 murders. 

Hashem Abedi assisted his elder brother Salman in organising the crime on May 22, 2017. He was “just as guilty” as his elder brother, who set off the bomb during the assault, according to testimony given in court during his trial. 

Ismail Abedi was given an arrest warrant in November of last year after he left the county rather than testify during the investigation. 

After collecting information from his phone and computers, police think that he had a “very unhealthy interest” in the terrorist organisation Isis. Source

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