Patrick Vallance will no longer serve as UK Chief Scientific Advisor.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s main scientific advisor who was instrumental in advising the UK through the coronavirus pandemic, will step down from his position.

The scientist’s effect, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was “impossible to fully convey” as it was revealed he would step down from the position at the conclusion of his five-year tenure in April of next year.

As the process of finding his replacement was set to get under way, Sir Patrick admitted that his time had been “challenging and immensely rewarding.”

Before joining GlaxoSmithKline and rising to the position of president of research and development there, Sir Patrick, who is now 62 years old and hails from Essex, worked as both an academic and a consulting physician.

In 2018, he took over the position of chief scientific advisor from Sir Chris Whitty, and two years later, they both became well-known as the advisors and communicators on the Covid-19 outbreak.

Mr Johnson said: “It is impossible to fully convey the impact that Sir Patrick has had as chief scientific adviser.”

“Sir Patrick may not have bargained for becoming a household name when he signed up for the job, but I am immensely grateful for his advice and expertise throughout the pandemic and beyond.”

“He will be missed by all when he leaves next year, and I wish him the very best in all future endeavours.” Source

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