Suella Braverman condemns “professional indoctrination” and makes a commitment to putting an end to “woke witch trials.” 

Suella Braverman made an appearance on GB News to discuss her “war on woke witch trials.” Liz Truss has Ms Braverman’s support as the country’s next prime minister, coming off of her own campaign for the Tory leadership. 


Ms Braverman has pushed her Cabinet colleagues to be harder on “woke rubbish” as Ms Truss and Rishi Sunak compete for control of No 10. 

And she gave an explanation for this when she appeared on GB News’ Breakfast with Isabel and Stephen. 

Ms Braverman informed the audience that she had first-hand experience with the “indoctrination of professional people,” claiming that it is often “patronising, disempowering, and divisive.”

She stated: “I have nothing against tolerant, inclusive and meritocratic workplaces. Don’t get me wrong.

“What I do have a problem with is the indoctrination of very fair-minded professional and reasonable people with a left-wing and politicised ideology which engenders a particular view of race and gender.

“What I found happening in my department is that thousands of hours were being spent on training Government lawyers on really questionable issues.”

Following high-profile court cases involving transgender and equality matters, Ms Braverman said she was waging a “war on woke witch trials” and had cancelled training programmes in her department.

When she learned that more than 1,000 of her staff, including 600 attorneys, had taken over 1,900 hours of diversity training, she reportedly became “absolutely furious.”

During one lesson, it was reportedly said to the civil officials that “not being racist isn’t enough — we must be anti-racist.”

As she said to MailPlus: “Like the witch-finders of the Middle Ages, they don the outfit of the inquisitor and never tire of rooting out unbelievers.

“This does nothing to create solidarity and support but rather keeps emphasising difference, creating a sense of ‘other’ and pitting different groups against each other.”

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