Brexit opponent Nick Clegg publicly humiliated upon his return to the United Kingdom from the United States. 

Sir Nick Clegg has been publicly humiliated after the announcement that he would return to London with other Facebook executives, despite his gloomy forecasts for the UK economy post-Brexit. 

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats, who is now the president of global affairs at Meta, will partially move from California in order to interact with World governments. 

Six months ago, he was elevated to the role, reporting directly to Mark Zuckerberg. In recent months, he has been used to deflect criticism away from the globalist corporation. 

His relocation follows the announcements of many other Meta executives, including Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, and Alex Schultz, chief marketing officer for the firm. 

Suzanne Evans, a former Ukip heavyweight, reacted to the news of the London transfer by saying, “Spare a thought for Sir Nick Clegg this morning, having to eat humble pie.” This was in response to his previous doomster predictions, pre/post-Brexit referendum. Source

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