Sky News rigged Tory hustings audience – Anti-Truss audience member was Anna Soubry’s former Chief of Staff.

We said on our Facebook page that we thought the Sky News hustings to decide who is to be Britain’s next Prime Minister was rigged and slanted in favour of Rishi Sunak, and we weren’t far wrong.

After watching the show again, I noticed a gentleman in the audience who has since been identified as Tom Harding by the media. Today, the press has named and shamed the audience member after it was revealed he was Anna Soubry’s former chief of staff and had beef with Liz Truss.

The former Chief of staff for the remoaning Ms Soubry openly admitted on the 20th July 2022, prior to the Sky News hustings that was meant to be in front of a crowd of undecided Tory voters, that he would be in fact “using his vote for Rishi Sunak.”

Prior to the Sky News hustings Tom Harding stated he would be voting Rishi Sunak, so much for a crowd of undecided voters.

As we said after the show, the hustings by the blatantly biassed Sky New was a stitch up against Liz Truss. The bigger question is why is the media doing all they can to promote Rishi Sunak, even to the point of openly rigging the audience so they get the visuals needed to make you think that the majority of Tory voters support Rishi when the opposite is true.

Tom Harding, who said prior to the Sky News Hustings that he would be voting for Rishi Sunak, questions Liz Truss and the MSM runs with what he said to attack Liz Truss.

I do think, on the other hand, that the voters are more savvy than what the media thinks and the MSM’s attempt to sway voters away from Liz will only bolster support for Liz Truss.

After the two candidates were questioned, the audience including Anti-Truss candidate Tom Harding were asked who they would choose to be the next UK PM. Nearly all said they would be voting for Rishi Sunak. The outcome wasn’t a surprise especially after what has come to light with members of the audience being Anti-Truss from the start.

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