Godfrey Bloom goes on a tirade about the World Economic Forum being the elephant in the room that no one dares to mention.

After speaking on the Mark Dolan show on GB News about the current Channel Migrant crisis and how we overcome the crisis, former UKIP leader Godfrey Bloom dared to talk about what he said was the elephant in the room. 

In quite a spectacular rant, Godfrey said: “I think one thing that hasn’t been mentioned in the programme so far is the elephant in the room, and that is following the strategic fiscal policy of the World Economic Forum [WEF].”

“This open door immigration policy and all this kind of thing and globalisation is all part of World Economic Forum policy.”

“We’ve had a prime minister, the Dutch have a prime minister, the Canadians have a prime minister. The Australians and New Zealanders have a prime minister who are all following the scheme of the World Economic Forum, but nobody seems to ever want to talk about it.”

“This could easily be dealt with, but it would need to be hard. And I’d like to see either Truss or Sunak actually come out on the hustings and say, I am not going to be further sponsored by the World Economic Forum.

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“They are incidentally at the moment, but that’s what I’d like to hear that could turn the whole election around.”

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