Justin Welby calls the way migrants are treated “unethical,” and he warns Church of England leaders that if they fail to act, they will be “one of the oppressors.” 

The Archbishop of Canterbury has asked Anglican bishops to speak out against “unethical treatment” of migrants and climate change. 

In his most recent highly political speech, Justin Welby told leaders of the Church of England to “take risks” and warned that if they didn’t, they’d become “one of the oppressors.” 

The former oil executive called climate change a “undeclared war” and said it could cause 1.2 billion people to flee their homes, which would be “tragic beyond anything in human history.”

He told the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops, ‘To be silent on the unethical treatment of migrants or on war or oppression, on the abuse of human rights, on persecution, is to be one of the oppressors,’

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The establishment had “tempted us sometimes in the Church of England to be too close,” he remarked, adding, “Not so much nowadays, I think both the Cabinet and myself would say.” He claimed his organisation had been “embedded” in the Establishment.

It happened after he criticised Priti Patel, the home secretary, over her asylum arrangement with Rwanda during his Easter sermon. 

Justin Welby is a member of the World Economic Forum

Continued the Archbishop: ‘Climate change, better called the climate crisis or better still the climate emergency, as we know, is the result of the wealthier countries having declared war on God’s creation, unknowingly, unthinkingly starting from the 19th century.

‘The symptoms of that war now are that the wealthy dump refuse in the oceans.

‘They tell the poor not to use carbon-generating fuels and they say to the world, too often, not by their word but by their actions “we will keep our wealth and you, the poor, must discover new paths”.’

In addition to stating that there are “serious ethical questions about sending asylum seekers overseas,” he said that the Rwanda idea would not “stand up to the judgement of God.” Source.

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