Parents who severely tortured an infant till he lost both of his legs will be released early from prison.

Two parents who badly tortured their infant and caused him to lose both of his legs will be granted an early release from jail.

Anthony Smith, 47, and Jody Simpson, 24, have barely completed half of the ten-year term that was given to them in 2018.

Tony, who is now seven, got torn ligaments, broken fingers, and infections because of what he went through.

Before medics were able to save his life, he came close to passing away.

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Paula Hudgell, Tony’s 54-year-old adoptive mother, has demanded more severe penalties for those who abuse children.

She said it felt “like a blow to the stomach” and is “sickening” that his biological parents are to be released early.

She said the following to The Mirror: “These monsters have spent just five years behind bars while Tony faces a lifetime of challenges as a result of their wickedness.”

“They don’t go before the parole board or have to show any remorse to walk free. It’s like a blow to the stomach and makes me feel sick knowing those who abuse babies and children are walking free in a few years.”

“These monsters could be living in your street and you wouldn’t have a clue.”

She continued by stating that Tony is still very upset and wants to become a police officer when he is older in order to re-arrest his parents and throw them back in jail.

Only after lengthy campaigning from Mrs Hudgell and MP Tom Tugendhat were his biological parents’ sentences handed down.

She pushed for Tony’s bill, which makes it harder for people to get off if they cause “serious harm” to a child between the ages of 10 and 14.

The new rules also mandate a minimum 14-year jail term for anybody found guilty of intentionally causing a child’s death. 

For his efforts in collecting money for the hospital that cared for him as a newborn, Tony was given the Pride of Britain award. 

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