After criticising journalists for their “witch hunt” on Boris Johnson, Liz Truss quickly apologised to the MSM host of the hustings for doing so.

After Liz Truss called out the mainstream media journalists for bringing down Boris Johnson, she u-turned pretty quickly after she was caught on the mic apologising to the Talk TV presenter of the hustings.

Following the conclusion of her interview and audience questions, after slamming the media, Truss was overheard on the microphone saying: “I’m sorry I was mean about the media, Tom.”

Newton Dunn replied, “It’s cheap, and you know it.”

Major Brand Discounts

Is this a front to gain the public vote and one apologetic front for the MSM in private. These politicians need to understand that the media are not allies in politics. Until the political elite understand that they will be ruled by the media.

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