Illegal Channel migrant count predicted to top 20,000 within a week.

After over 400 arrived on Monday, the number of Channel migrants arriving in UK waters in small boats this year is on track to reach 20,000 within a week.

386 people were removed from eight small boats yesterday in the English Channel, according to the most recent official numbers from the Ministry of Defense.

The Border Force catamaran Typhoon arrived at Dover at dawn after the operations got underway with the capture of two small vessels.

88 illegal migrants were brought to the Border Force processing facility in the port of Dover.

The Royal Navy coordinated channel operations throughout the day, and last night the Border Force vessel Hurricane made dozens more landings at Dover.

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At the moment, the weather in the Channel is not good for small boat crossings because north-easterly winds of about 15 knots are pushing up big waves.

One small boat, with 38 people on board, had nevertheless made the journey, according to the Kent-based producer of GB News.

GB News looked at the most recent data and found that 18,708 people have entered UK waters since January 1, 2022.

Though the Channel conditions are now bad, they are predicted to get better throughout the week, with hot and calm conditions predicted for the weekend.

Sources on the French side of the English Channel say that many migrants are camped out near Calais and Dunkirk, ready to cross.

The criminal groups appear to have resolved the temporary lack of small boats.

Following the destruction of a people-smuggling network last month, law enforcement officials in the UK and several other European nations were able to stop the supply of small boats.

The UK’s National Crime Agency claims that organised criminal gangs obtained the boats from Turkey, moved the major parts to Germany, and then transported the boats to regions along the northwestern coast of France where they were buried close to the beaches.

However, following that brief interruption in the supply, it appears that people-smuggling gangs have acquired many more of the inflatable boats, which can hold up to 50 people each.

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