US White House Press Secretary declines to answer when asked if the Biden administration is weaponising the Justice Department and the FBI against political opponents.

In an alleged attack on President Donald Trump by the Democrats under Joe Biden, the White House Press Secretary was asked whether the “Biden administration is weaponizing the Justice Department and the FBI against political opponents.”

The Press Secretary has said more than once that Biden didn’t know about the raid. However, many former White House advisers have said that the White House would have given permission for the raid to happen.

There is still no evidence given by the DOJ or FBI as to why the raid was given the go ahead, nor is the White House prepared to comment on the raid. It seems the whole thing has dramatically backfired on the cabal, deep state, Biden, Obama, and the Clintons, because if they had found something, it would have been all over the leftist media.

It seems that damage management is currently in operation.

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