Opinion – Radical campaign group full of leftists urge people to join their campaign to address the cost of living crisis.

An online video from the political activist group “Enough is Enough” has been posted on social media. This group consists of MPs from the Labour Party and their associates, as well as union leaders. Their stated aims are to “turn anger into action” and to protest the government until they take action to address the rising cost of living.

Whereas most people believe that something needs to be done to address the rising cost of living, I don’t think this group is the answer. The video features Labour radical left socialist MP Zarah Sultana, who supports Palestine, Hamas, and Jeremy Corbyn.

With characters like these, we all know that this campaign (protest group) will be aggressive and more about “Tories out” and “Labour in.” It’s clear they will most likely be going for the party currently in power instead of pushing the Tories for actual change through the current government.

A campaign like this needs to cross party lines for it to be successful. I don’t see that happening. What do you think should be done to tackle the cost of living? Can you see this campaign group working or is it going to be a flop?

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