Liz Truss promises to take action against “repulsive” grooming gangs in an effort to keep police accountable.

Ms Truss joined audience members from Red Wall Seat, Leigh, Greater Manchester, who represented a range of political viewpoints.

Alastair Stewart of GB News asked a viewer to ask Liz Truss a question about grooming gangs while serving as the event’s mediator.

A viewer asked: “In this current climate, what are you prepared to do to confront and bring to justice the perpetrators of the grooming gangs?

“It seems at the moment that we live in a society where the police will happily turn up at your doorstep if you have the audacity to insult someone on Twitter and slap you in handcuffs, but if you’re part of a grooming gang they turn the other cheek.

“That simply cannot be right. What are you going to do to enforce the law, that’s already on statute, and bring criminals to justice?”

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The Foreign Secretary responded: “You’re absolutely right that the police should not be spending their time policing Twitter.

“They should be on the streets, dealing with crime.

“What I would put in place is police league tables so people can compare how well their police force is doing with others around the country.

“On these child grooming gangs, it is absolutely repulsive what has gone on in places like Rotherham and in places like Telford.

“Of course those criminals need to be brought to justice but, more than that, I want the people held to account.

“The council officers, the councillors and the police who didn’t do anything about it.

“Even, not just turned a blind eye, but actually condoned this behaviour.

“They need to be held to account because, until those people understand that their role in this was enabling those appalling crimes to be committed I don’t believe we will fully deal with that.

“I will make sure that those people are gone after by the relevant authorities.”

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