Starmer humiliated as left-wing MPs savaged him by sharing “missing” in action posters over the cost of living crisis.

Backbenchers have embraced the former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s proposals for the recall of Parliament while he is away. The former chancellor has also advocated the temporary nationalisation of energy companies, saying that such a move would lower gas and electricity prices.

Several Labour MPs have criticised Sir Keir for his “eerie” silence about rising energy costs.

However, they have embraced Mr Brown’s recommendations and encouraged Sir Keir to “go further” by introducing a fresh cost of living rescue plan.

Sir Keir is likely to announce proposals to abolish rip-off prepayment metres, which cause the poorest people to pay the highest prices for power, during a trip to Edinburgh on Friday.

The MP for Holborn and St Pancras will also comment on the decision to raise the energy firms’ windfall tax.

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By doing this, the built-in discounts for businesses who reinvest their earnings in the UK would be eliminated.

The shadow justice minister, Steve Reed, claims that Sir Keir would also provide a “fully costed” package of policies to assist families in navigating the crisis the following week.

But some Labour backbenchers, especially those on the left of the party, are still angry, despite these statements.

According to Zarah Sultana, the Socialist Campaign Group’s representative for Coventry South on LBC, Sir Keir needs to go a lot farther.

She uttered: “The scale of this crisis is absolutely huge, and I’m personally not seeing enough being done by my party.”

“Of course I want the Labour Party to go further.”

“Now is an opportunity to show real leadership by supporting trade unions who are at the front line of this fight.”

“We should be showing solidarity with workers fighting for a pay rise, we should be making that argument around ending food poverty.” 

Diane Abbott, who used to be the shadow home secretary, put out a fake wanted poster for Sir Keir that was shared online by activists on the left.

Do you recognise this man? With a black and white image of the Labour leader, it said, “Missing during the cost of living crisis.”

In a letter to Sir Keir and Boris Johnson on Thursday night, 22 left-leaning Labour MPs and peers—including former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell—called for the recall of parliament.

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