Rishi Sunak responds to claims that he isn’t “Brexity enough”

Brexit has remained a contention issue for the Government, which has been trying to push the EU into agreeing changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Government has continued to encourage the EU to accept modifications to the Northern Ireland Protocol as a result of the Brexit controversy. 

Foreign Minister Liz Truss introduced the Northern Ireland Bill to give UK ministers broad authority to essentially amend the protocol unilaterally after months of fruitless negotiations. 

During their hustings, Ms Truss and fellow Tory leadership candidate Rishi Sunak were mostly silent on the matter. 

However, Mr Sunak broke his silence this week to refute suggestions that he is “not Brexity enough” to serve as PM.  

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Mr Sunak remarked this while participating in the Telegraph’s sponsored Conservative hustings in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: “It does puzzle me, because somehow I keep reading that I’m not Brexity enough in this leadership race.

“It does puzzle me, because I think, I was the one that actually voted and campaigned for Brexit in the first place.

“I radically set up new freeports in this country, an idea that I came up with, that right now, are attracting jobs and investment to places that desperately need it.

“It’s why as chancellor I also set out radical reforms of all our financial services regulation, scrapping the EU laws, replacing them with new British ones, to make sure that this is the most dynamic economy in the world.

“My business experience means I can lead our economy into the future and seize those opportunities that are there waiting for us if we are prepared to be bold and ambitious about grabbing them.”

And Liz Truss brushed off criticism that she supported Remain in the 2016 referendum as evidence that she wouldn’t be a good leader, citing her accomplishments as the International Trade Secretary as evidence of her desire to see the UK flourish outside of the EU.

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