Due to reports that she has “already judged the matter,” Harriet Harman is now being urged to resign as the head of the Partygate investigation. 

Last night, further requests for the Labour chairman of the contentious investigation into Boris Johnson and Partygate to resign to protect her own image were made. 

Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg said that Harriet Harman, who is leading the Commons Privileges Committee’s investigation into whether the Prime Minister misled Parliament, should resign. 

The former Labour deputy leader should resign, according to Mr Rees-Mogg, since she had previously said on Twitter that she believed the Prime Minister had lied. 

Ms Harman was described as “admired across parties” in an interview with GB News, but Mr Rees-Mogg added: “I do not believe you can have a fair judgement when the chairman of the committee has already judged the matter.” 

Ms Harman took over as chair from Chris Bryant, another Labour member who resigned after declaring that he believed Mr Johnson had lied. 

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If the Prime Minister is suspended from the Commons for 10 days or longer, the investigation, which will start collecting testimony next month, might result in a “recall” by-election. 

However, it was revealed last night that one of the four Conservative MPs serving on the committee, Laura Farris, withdrew from the investigation last month after declaring she didn’t expect it to continue now that Mr Johnson was stepping down as prime minister. 

Ms Harman is yet to comment on the situation.

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