Angela Rayner’s boyfriend launches a coup against Starmer, with the intention of destroying his authority.

Angela Rayner’s partner is leading a radical left-wing coup against Sir Keir Starmer, aiming to derail his efforts to wean Labour away from strikes.

Sam Tarry, MP for Ilford South, has joined forces with the grassroots group Momentum to launch a new “Labour for Labour” campaign. Its goal is to put Sir Keir and MPs under pressure to support workers who are crippling the country with a series of strikes.

Momentum activists will approve motions in their Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) to bring to the annual national Labour Conference at the end of September as part of the campaign.

If the motion is passed, Sir Keir will be forced to urge his shadow ministers to join picket lines.

Sir Keir has stated that his top team should not join the strike because he wants to appear to be a Government-in-waiting.

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Earlier this week, he stated:

“You can’t be in Government around the Cabinet table and then go to a picket line.”

The motion would also ask Labour to back a pay raise for public sector workers that keeps up with inflation.

Mr Tarry was fired as a shadow transport minister after defying Sir Keir and joining rail workers on strike outside Euston station, as well as giving a series of unapproved media appearances in which he stated that Labour would back inflation pay rises.

Sir Kier stated that he had no choice but to dismiss the MP from his position. “because he booked himself onto media programmes without permission and then made up policy on the hoof”.

Mr Tarry said at the launch of his campaign: “As workers strike to protect themselves and their families from soaring prices, while CEOs rake in huge bonuses, Labour has a huge chance to show it’s on the side of working people.”

“But by firing shadow ministers like myself for standing on picket lines, Keir Starmer is in danger of driving a wedge between Labour and the millions of working people desperate for real relief in this escalating cost of living crisis.”

“There are seven million trades unionists in Britain – we need their votes to win power.”

The MP will talk about the campaign with Momentum activists on a conference call on Thursday night.

Last month, he stated it was “time to fight back” and “reclaim our party,” posing a direct challenge to Sir Keir’s leadership.

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