As Labour’s energy proposal lacks assistance for businesses, Baroness Smith acknowledges there is “more to be done.”

Since Labour’s energy plan does not address businesses and the public sector, the Shadow Leader of the House of Lords for Labour, Baroness Angela Smith, has acknowledged there is “more to be done.”

The energy crisis emergency policy plan put forth by Labour still needs revision, according to Angela Smith. The £29 billion proposal revealed by Sir Keir Starmer on Monday included a freeze on energy prices as well as further assistance for disadvantaged households. The plan called for new levies on the profit margins of the energy industry.

However, the support for private and public sector businesses and organisations, such as energy-intensive institutions like hospitals and schools, is mainly absent from the strategy. The strategy, according to Baroness Smith, addressed “short-term crisis measures,” but longer-term policies still required evaluation to support larger enterprises.

Mark Urban, the BBC Newsnight host, said to Baroness Smith:  “Your emphasis clearly is on keeping homes warm, quite a small amount of assistance in there for businesses, about two billion, and the public sector-hospitals and schools.”

“All of which will see a large proportion of their budgets going on heating and fuel.”

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Baroness Smith stated: “Yes, there’s more to be done on this.”

“Certainly,  we’ll have even more information coming forward for what we’re doing for those large energy users in business.”

“But, it’s something that has got to be tackled across the board.”

“It comes back to the short term crisis measures, but the longer term measures because the country as a whole can’t keep affording this extra money on energy.”

“Also, importing it – we need to have more generation.

“In the longer term, this will work, but there is a short-term crisis now.”

The Labour plan says it will save the average family £1,000 because it will protect them from the energy price cap going up to £3,582 in October.

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