As a horrifying wave of violence sweeps across London, Kit Malthouse urges Sadiq Khan to “lean in hard.”

Sadiq Khan has come under fire from Kit Malthouse for failing to address a spike in deadly knife attacks around the city.

London is experiencing a knife crime crisis, which is putting pressure on the Metropolitan Police and the local government to implement radical new safety measures. Kit Malthouse argued that in order to guarantee public safety in the city, Sadiq Khan has to “seriously” confront the crime wave.

The Cabinet Minister acknowledged a rise in violent knife assaults around the city while urging the London Mayor to explore using enforcement strategies like those used by Boris Johnson when serving as the city’s mayor.

Mr Malthouse said to Nick Ferrari on LBC: “London is a city that you and I know well.”

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“It has been plagued by knife crime in the past and seems to be in the grip of it again’

“I just hope that the Mayor starts to take this as seriously as we did all those years ago and leans in hard.”

“There are some difficult and challenging things that the police have to do to get on top of knife crime.”

“There’s a new Met Commissioner now, who needs really strong political top cover if he and his team are going to do the things they need to do to get on top of this issue.”

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