REALLY? The Times’ political editor asserts that Labour has a 15-point lead over the Tories.

According to YouGov and The Times, Labour has a 15-point lead over the Tories.

Are The Times really telling the British public that Labour has overcome the questionable in-action regarding Keir Starmer tackling Jimmy Savile, Gordon Brown selling Britain’s gold and wrecking the UK economy, leaving a letter saying there is no money in the Treasury, Tony Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq and opening the door to open-door immigration into Britain, and the cover-up of children being groomed on a massive industrial scale in the UK when Labour was in power?

Has Labour really beaten back all of those deadweights to gain a 15-point advantage? In our honest view, there is a very little chance that has happened. The majority of the nation is much more intelligent than to support a Labour Party that, in reality, has no plans for Britain other than to criticise and infuse everyone’s life with polarising pc politics.

As people have always said, if you pay enough money and ask certain questions, you can gain the required result from any poll. 

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