‘You’re blaming the weather?’ Sadiq Khan is at a loss for words as he blames the August heatwave for an increase in violent crime in London.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan struggled to explain a rise in violent crime in the city while implying that the summertime weather was to blame for an increase in killings. 

As the nation’s capital experiences yet another uptick in deadly knife crime, pressure is mounting on London’s mayor to combat a wave of violent crime. 

In an effort to provide an explanation for the alarmingly high crime rate, Sadiq Khan said that the searing summer heatwave may have been a factor that contributed to the increase in the number of violent incidents. 

Mr Khan said that the summer months had presented a unique challenge for the city as a result of the fact that millions of young people started their summer holidays at this time and that the warm weather had put a strain on services across the city.


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