Despite being imprisoned, convicted criminals continue to get ‘hundreds of pounds’ in benefits. 

Despite being imprisoned, convicted criminals are apparently getting hundreds of pounds in benefits. 

Universal Credit is a government subsidy that assists individuals with their living expenses. 

Those with a low income or who are jobless are among those who are eligible for the payout. 

However, some inmates continue to get the monthly payment even if they are ineligible. 

During a 12-week term for drink driving at Belmarsh Prison, one prisoner claimed to have received £1,470 in benefits. 

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The newly freed individual said that others in the same jail were also enjoying such benefits. 

He said to The Sun: “It’s common in jail. Three people on my wing, hardened criminals were getting benefits. One got his for ten months.”

However, the Department of Work and Pensions said that there may be “rare cases” when individuals get benefits who should not, maintaining that overpayments are finally recovered. 

According to the DWP: “In rare cases where a change of circumstances is not immediately processed, records can be updated at a later date and overpayments recovered.”

The payment blunder comes as the UK’s cost-of-living issue continues to bite, with many people unable to pay their monthly bills. SOURCE

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