Pro-EU remainer, Stanley Johnson demands that the UK create a “new union” with Europe.  

According to Stanley Johnson, the UK should create a “new union within the wider European network.” 

The former Tory lawmaker and MEP urged the government to cooperate more closely with Europe when speaking on LBC and described the absence of data research on the UK’s beaches as a “terrible state of things.” 

His remarks follow a Labour Party review of Environment Agency statistics that showed a startling 2,553 percent increase in the volume of raw sewage being thrown into the UK’s rivers and sea during a five-year period. 

Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley  Johnson, spoke to Rachel Johnson of LBC and said: “What we need to do now is say yes, we’ve finished with Brexit, but now we absolutely need to build a new union within the wider European network.

“Bring back, for example, the statistical measurements. We haven’t measured water quality on our beaches for three or four years now.

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“It’s a shocking state of affairs.”


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