A new record: 1,300 migrants crossed the Channel from France to the UK in a single day. 

On Monday, more than 1,300 migrants in tiny boats crossed the English Channel, breaking the previous day record. 

According to the UK Ministry of Defense, 1,295 migrants landed, breaking the previous record from November. It’s the most illegal migrants who have entered the UK on a single day since records started in 2018. The ministry noted that on Monday, around 27 tiny boats made the perilous sea passage and landed at the port of Dover. 

MoD website

It follows three days of poor weather during which no migrants were seen entering the country. Compared to only 12,500 at this time in 2021, over 22,670 migrants have arrived in the UK this year in tiny boats from France. According to a recent UK parliamentary estimate, the number may rise to 60,000 by the end of 2022.

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