Disbelief as Plaid Cymru councillor poses with GUN in anti-English post

A Plaid Cymru councillor is accused of posing with a firearm in an anti-English social media post. After a post on Plaid Cymru councillor Jon Scriven’s Facebook page, South Wales Police are looking into a report of harmful communications.

Mr Scriven looked to be clutching a rifle on a beach in the now-deleted photo, with the message: “Ogmore-by-Sea tonight for a quick swim and make sure there wasn’t (sic) any English people trying to cross the channel.”

In a statement, the Plaid Cymru councillor wrote on his Facebook page: “I would like to apologise for any offence caused by my now deleted Facebook post.”

“It was ill-judged and I have apologised to the group leader Lindsay Whittle who has accepted my apology.”

Though an apology was made, this would have been national news if it was a Conservatives councillor. SOURCE

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