“The problem is us,” Farage defends France as an increase in migrant crossings results from Brexit failings. 

In response to a spike in migrants crossing the English Channel, Nigel Farage has defended French authorities and placed the blame squarely on the failure of the current Brexit policies. 

Small boats carrying illegal migrants from France have been entering the English Channel again and entering the UK illegally. Due to the fact that over 20,000 individuals have already attempted the dangerous voyage this year, the Tory Government is under pressure to handle the migrant situation. 

Nigel Farage, a political analyst, backed the French government’s efforts to stop the launch of tiny boats bringing migrants over the French coastline. Mr Farage said that the Conservative Government’s inability to implement a “proper Brexit” resulted in a breakdown in border control, which was to blame for the impending migrant catastrophe. 

GB News political host Mr Farage said: “We are predicting, here at GB News, that over one thousand people will be in the official figures tomorrow that have crossed the English Channel.”

“Astonishingly, lifeboats from as far east as Ramsgate and as far west as Eastbourne were out today, that’s a 63 mile stretch of English coast.”

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Over 20,000 individuals have reportedly crossed the English Channel in tiny boats this year, according to a report from last week. It is expected that the final tally for this year will surpass the final number of 28,526 for 2021. 

Farage continued: “On the other side of the Channel, they are pushing off from a wider and wider area.”

“If the French authorities are really going to police 60 miles plus of French beaches, they would need ten or twenty thousand troops on the beaches – it is now virtually impossible.”

“The problem isn’t the French, let’s stop blaming everybody else, the problem is us.”

“We did not complete Brexit, we didn’t get a proper Brexit, we haven’t got back control of our borders.”

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