People react to Boris Johnson’s surprise visit to Ukraine. “Mr Johnson’s first priority should be tackling the economic crisis back in the UK.” 

As Boris Johnson makes a surprise stop in Ukraine after being on holiday in Greece, people on social media have questioned his priorities as Britain enters into a winter which most predict will be hard for many. 

During a speech in front of a world audience, PM Johnson said that Mr Putin “fatally underestimated Ukraine. He also underestimated the price of what the world was willing to pay to support Ukraine.”

With this being said, people reacted angrily on Twitter. One Tweet from FamilyGuySi said: “How about you have a vote on who supports these cost of living/energy price increases to support this war. Don’t assume people are willing to pay. Think you might be surprised Boris.”

Another, Dona Fall said: “With the greatest respect to Ukraine, Mr Johnson’s 1st priority should be tackling the economic crisis back in the UK, whilst he is still PM, not grandstanding for global media networks and PR purposes”

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Another comment from JustMyOpinion said: “That’s great, but will Ukraine be paying us back with a financial handout when we can’t pay our gas bill this winter????”

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