Opinion – “The game plan is to demolish the current system” and bring in their new system.

This is a one mans opinion on the current events (do your own research) – The game plan has always been to completely demolish the current socital system on a global scale and force everyone into the WEF’s new system (Great reset).

The only problem is, the elite currently don’t have a strong enough cover story to hide what’s going on and people are starting to question everything.It seems the pandemic has faded and the War in Ukraine is also fading with money to fund the war running dry.

It seems the global elite are being exposed, and governments are attempting to cover up by persuading the public that they are doing something about the energy crisis while adhering to the current devastating green agenda.

They (Puppet masters / world elite) understand that energy is the one commodity that will destroy both large and small businesses, as well as low and middle-income families, as the price continues to rise dramatically.

It seems that it is the great reset that is being imposed upon us, and in our opinion, they are rushing to put the plan in place by 2024 because they know that if Donald Trump is elected US President, their cushy digital ID social credit system will be dismantled.

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It seems all we can do is band together and keep an eye out for one another. It’s the only option for the foreseeable future. Stay strong.

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