VIDEO – ‘You’ve done b***** all’. Mid-interview, an irate lady confronts Steve Barclay 

After a member of the public interrupted Health Secretary Steve Barclay’s interview to denounce Conservative NHS policies, the situation clearly left him winded.

After being publicly challenged by the outcry over a shortage of NHS resources, newly appointed Health Secretary Steve Barclay had to deal with the captured situation. An irate lady burst onto the scene as the Cabinet Minister was holding an interview in front of central London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital. 

The lady mocked Mr Barclay over severe ambulance wait times, stating his Tory policies had resulted in “people dying,” and the humiliating interaction was recorded by waiting reporters. 

Mr Barclay was eager to address the waiting reporters after a tour of an operating theatre inside the hospital, but he was immediately stopped. 

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As she approached the stunned Minister, a lady yelled: “Are you going to do anything about the ambulances waiting and the people dying out?”

Mr Barclay immediately responded in an effort to calm the enraged woman: “Yes, we are.”

She continued: “Well, don’t you think 12 years is long enough?”

As she continued her rant, the camera panned over to the enraged lady, who was now staring up at the Health Secretary.

“In twelve years you’ve done bugger all about it!”

“People have died and all you’ve done is nothing.” 

After she was done, the Minister seemed shocked as she hurried to the hospital door.

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