Liz Truss “I support the Net Zero target,” but we need to get to it in a different way. 

On Thursday, there was a Conservative leadership hustings hosted by Talk TV host Julia Hartley-Brewer. One of the leadership contenders, Liz Truss, was asked by a member of the audience whether the government would look into what was scientific evidence and what was a political agenda from the global elite in regards to Net Zero. 

From the offset, Liz Truss was determined to let the Tory party members know that the route to Net Zero would stay unchanged; the only difference would be in how we got there. According to Truss the path to Net Zero would remain, the only difference would be we would be jogging rather than sprinting to the globalist agenda.

With public opinion showing a dislike to the current path we are on, Liz is saying she’ll do something, but we would remain on the same path as we are now. Looks like nothing will change any time soon.


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