Public opinion – People have their say on the current energy and cost of living crisis.

We asked our readers a few days ago how they felt about the current storm of issues affecting the UK, including the energy crisis and the cost of living crisis. 

After reading what the media and its commentators felt, we decided to ask our Breaking Brexit News on Facebook followers what they thought of the present crisis confronting the UK. 

Many others on Facebook said it’s OK for MPs to seem to be doing something, but with their £90,000-a-year salaries, they’ll be fine while millions are forced to choose between heating and eating this winter.

A man called Stewart Platt wrote: “People will be struggling with wether to HEAT or EAT but not if your a mp ,subsidised heating paid to them ,subsidised food and drink at work ,yeh some it won,t hit because the taxpayer is funding there lifestyle ,summat back to front here”

A lady called Sue Britain wrote: “Stop all the MPs claiming expenses and make them pay for their own energy bills”

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When it came to the state of the UK and the government selling off Britains assets to foreign countries, John Fisher wrote: “What sane government sells off the water food and fuel to foreign control, these vital services should be the rightful property of the British public and never at the whims of greedy profiteers and shareholders, this also applies to the NHS and transport services.”

In trying to contain their anger, Lesco Brandon wrote: “If I were to attempt to write an opinion piece about the current state of affairs, believe me, it would be far too long.”

“So I’ll summarize in one word, CORRUPTION!”

When it came to the 68,000ft view of the whole situation Paul Eardley made a good point when he stated that it’s big  government that want to control people and their lives. 

Mr Eardley wrote: “This is a deliberate ploy to make the public dependent on the government. People can not afford this so will have to take assistance from government or some self appointed private company to take petty on you. And remember nothing comes for free. Once people are all secure taking their handouts it’s one threat away from losing the assistance. Along with all the other dodgy stuff their doing it seems to me the government aren’t working for us anymore. How long before everyone realises?”

Is it any surprise that politicians and the elite at the highest levels are terrified? People are waking up to what’s going on all the time, and even those who haven’t have the feeling that something isn’t right with the current situation. 

The basic line is that the UK has an abundance of energy while still having some of the highest energy prices in the world. Is it due to the fact that our energy infrastructure has been sold to other nations without our knowledge? Is that why we’re feeling this startling increase in our energy?.

As the old adage goes, anybody may attempt to get away with shady business, but it’s always the cover-up that gets them in the end. Is that what we are seeing now? A massive cover up?

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