Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt reject cabinet positions given by conservative leader Liz Truss

As Sunak and Mordaunt decline a crucial Cabinet position, Liz Truss faces an immediate Brexit crisis. 

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt were among a number of prominent MPs to decline a crucial cabinet position, putting Liz Truss in a Brexit dilemma even before the Queen formally requested that she form a new government. 

According to reports, Ms Truss is having trouble finding someone to fill the position of Northern Ireland Secretary with the intention of elevating the present occupant, Brandon Lewis, to the position of Justice Secretary.

But given that the EU and Northern Ireland protocol dispute is still active, she has to find a minister to support her in taking on Brussels and restarting the Stormont Assembly. 

In an effort to resolve the issues in Ulster, Ms Truss passed the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill while serving as foreign secretary. 

The province was isolated from the rest of the UK due to a rigid EU stance on the protocol. It also meant that food and medicines might not be allowed to get to stores in Northern Ireland.

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The compromise option provided by the Bill, however, has both infuriated the EU and fallen short in the eyes of Unionists. 

Leading Unionists prefer that Ms Truss suspend the Protocol by invoking Article 16 of the Protocol. 

According to the Express, Ms Truss gave the position to Penny Mordaunt, a previous opponent for the leadership position whose support at a crucial point in the campaign was crucial. 

Additionally, it is believed that she attempted to use it to entice Mr Sunak, who she defeated by 21,000 votes, into her government. Both are said to have declined the position in favour of a more prestigious position in the government.

According to a source close to Mr Sunak, Express state “Considering that until recently he was Chancellor it is a bit of a step down for him to become Northern Ireland Secretary.”

According to a source close to her, Ms Mordaunt wants the position of Culture Secretary, but it is understood that Nadine Dorries will keep it if she wants to.

Another previous candidate for the leadership position, Kemi Badenoch, is eyeing the position in culture but is more likely to pursue schooling. 

Other significant positions are said to have already been filled, including Kwasi Kwarteng’s appointment as chancellor and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s as business secretary to lead the government’s response to the energy issue.

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