EU Commission President demands the UK to respect its commitments under the Northern Ireland Protocol. Kate Hoey reacts to comments.

Yesterday, EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen congratulated Liz Truss on becoming the new leader of the Tories and the new Prime Minister of the UK. With her congratulations to the new PM, Ms Von Der Leyen then shot a warning at the new government as she demanded the UK to respect and follow its commitments on the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

This warning from the EU Commission has been seen as the EU attempting to forcibly take control of the protocol after Liz Truss threatens to invoke a legal clause in article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol, which can only be triggered if the current agreement hinders Northern Ireland. 

Reacting to the Commission’s threatening outburst, Life Peer and solid Brexiteer Kate Hoey gave her reaction on GB news. 

Kate said: “Well, I don’t think the European Union has shown any real willingness to recognise the reality on the ground of what’s happening in Northern Ireland. And of course, we’re coming to the end of the grace periods.”

“These were periods that were arbitrarily, quite rightly, introduced by the government to stop some of the worst excesses of the protocol. I mean, we haven’t actually had the full protocol being implemented.”

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“So the issue of dogs coming back and forward and having to pay extra for your dog and to take extra tests and all of that, the whole bureaucracy hasn’t been fully implemented.”

“So I think the necessary thing that has to happen, at the very least, the European Union has to allow Sefcovik (Commission Vice President), who has been the commissioner dealing with this, to have a wider remit.”


“At the moment he has got no remit to renegotiate and so all the discussions that have been going on over the last year have been pretty worthless.”

“And so now I think the fact that we’ve got the bill going through that Liz Truss has shown she is determined to take on the European Union on this if they are not flexible.”

“I hoped, I hoped that would mean the European Union would actually begin to realise that she means business.”

“And of course, we’ve seen Connor Burns, the minister of state in Northern Ireland, doing a lot of work over the summer, talking to the Irish government, going over to the European union, quietly going to America, actually putting the case as to why it’s not working.”

“You know, it’s not a question of being an international treaty, when an international treaty is not doing what it was originally set out to do, then something has to change. And I think Liz Truss knows that.”

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