‘Worst PM in my lifetime!’ Nicola Sturgeon takes last swipe at Boris Johnson as he leaves office.

Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party Government oppose Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to stage a second Scottish independence referendum in October 2023. In the previous three years, the SNP leader has accused Mr Johnson of bringing “chaos” to the UK as Prime Minister. 

In his departure statement this morning, Mr Johnson took a swipe at Ms Sturgeon after he said “those who want to break it (the union) up, they’ll keep trying, but they will never, ever succeed”.

The First Minister has fired back at the outgoing PM. She told Radio Clyde: “I obviously wish him and his family well, but there is no getting away from the fact that Boris Johnson has been the worst Prime Minister certainly in my lifetime.

“He has discredited his office. He has delivered chaos to the governance of the UK and he has failed to use the enormous powers and responsibilities and resources that he has at his disposal to make life better for the people.

“He seems to have been more interested in serving himself than the people of the UK so I’m not sure there are going to be many people in Scotland who are sorry to see Boris Johnson depart as prime minister.”

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Ms Sturgeon aims to mobilise a second Scottish independence referendum on October 19, 2023, almost nine years after the first lost vote. 

The SNP/Green Government has petitioned the Supreme Court whether it may conduct a referendum without Westminsters consent. Incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss also opposed a new referendum throughout her campaign. 

Mr Johnson said Ms Sturgeon planned to organise a second referendum on Scottish independence on October 19, 2023, almost nine years after the first unsuccessful vote to break Scotland from the rest of the UK. Mr Johnson stated earlier on Downing Street: “We are one whole entire United Kingdom whose diplomats, security services and armed forces are so globally admired.

“As I leave, I believe our union is so strong that those who want to break it up, they’ll keep trying, but they will never, ever succeed.”

Ms Sturgeon said Scottish ministers are awaiting the result of next month’s Supreme Court case to see whether an independence referendum can be conducted without UK government approval. If courts decide against her plans, she’ll consider the next election a “de facto referendum.” 

Ian Blackford was asked by the BBC this morning whether he would consider a quick election a referendum. 

He said: “First and foremost we’ve got the hearing in front of the Supreme Court that’s to take place in October, I cannot see that we’re going to have an election before that anyway so let’s wait and see what happens.

“If we win that case at the Supreme Court then that means that we have a referendum in October 2023 and that’s what we should be focused on.

“Of course if we can’t, for whatever reason, achieve that then having that de facto decision taken by the people in a general election becomes the default position.”

After Ms Truss became Conservative Party leader, he called for a general election. In a BBC Radio Scotland interview, he was asked whether he wanted a general election “sooner rather than later.”

Mr Blackford replied: “Very much so and for the very simple reason that what Liz Truss now seems to be proposing was not in the Tory manifesto in the 2019 election.

“First and foremost, let’s put the support in place that families, that businesses, need.

“Let’s get that done and the right thing to do is then to put this to the people, to have that general election and let the people in Scotland express their opinion, and I think crucially their opinion as to whether or not Scotland should be an independent country.”

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