Keir Starmer goes red in the face after Theresa May asks why Labour are still without a female leader.

For a party like Labour, who are extreme in their identity politics, whether that’s through gender or race, it is embarrassing for the woke lefties that the Tories have had three female Conservative Prime Ministers, while Labour has yet to have a female leader.

With the majority of the country preferring the best person on their merit to get the job of high office, former Prime Minister Theresa May placed the spotlight on the Labour leader.

Mrs May played the socialists at their own game (identity politics), challenging the new Prime Minister to explain why the Conservatives have had three female Prime Ministers while Labour has yet to have its first female party leader.

Liz Truss thanked the PM for her kind words of support, as the new PM Truss set off on her reign as Prime Minister. Liz Truss then made the jibe that Labour was out of touch, asking why is it that Labour has only had leaders from North London?

Sir Keir was captured red-faced and laughing. It was certainly a great jibe for the former PM to make. 

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