Scotland’s first period dignity officer, who was a male, has stepped down after a major backlash.

After a massive backlash, Scotland’s first period dignity officer, who was a male, has stepped down. 

This was after SNP Westminster MP Ian Blackford was left speechless after finding out the role of distributing ladies sanitary products in schools was going to be led by a man who said he was going to champion the role and help break down barriers when it came to female periods. 

The role was expected to be given to a lady who could sympathise with other women/girls when it came to dealing with periods, but in the world we live in, things don’t always work out as you would expect. 

When news broke of the first ever Scottish period dignity officer role being given to a man and not a woman, tennis star Martina Navratilova spoke out against the hiring of Jason Grant in August along with many other voices. 

In a resignation statement from a spokesperson from the working group who overseen the role being given to a man, said: “It is regrettable that given the threats and abuse levelled at individuals in recent weeks, the period dignity regional lead officer role will not continue.”

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“Support will continue to be provided to the colleagues and students who have been subjected to personal attack. Their safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance.”

Originally, when the role was given to Jason Grant, he said: “I think being a man will help me to break down barriers, reduce stigma and encourage more open discussions. Although affecting women directly, periods are an issue for everyone.”

“It’s time to normalise these topics and get real around the subject. I believe I can make progress by proving this isn’t just a female topic, encouraging conversations across all genders and educating and engaging new audiences.”

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