Fracking ban lifted by Liz Truss as PM pushes domestic energy to tackle bills crisis

A ban on fracking in England has been lifted as the Government pushes for an increase in domestic energy production in the face of soaring bills. Story from the Evening Standard

The controversial move to end the moratorium, which was imposed in 2019 after tremors caused by fracking in Lancashire, could get gas flowing from onshore shale wells in as little as six months, Liz Truss said.

But it will be met with strong opposition from local campaigners and environmentalists, who fear it can cause water contamination, traffic and noise pollution, and it is incompatible with efforts to cut climate-warming fossil fuels and switch to clean energy.

The energy package, launched by the Prime Minister 48 hours into the job in a bid to tackle soaring prices, will see the Government drive forward new sources of energy supply from North Sea oil and gas, as well as clean power including nuclear, wind and solar.

But there was nothing on efforts to help households save energy through increased insulation and other efficiency measures that can permanently cut gas use and bills – a key ask from green groups and anti-poverty campaigners.

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The move comes despite the International Energy Agency (IEA) warning that no new new oil and gas exploration should go ahead if the world is to meet its goal to curb temperature rises to 1.5C and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The UK has a legal target to cut climate emissions to zero overall by 2050, and the Government has also announced the launch of a review to ensure it is meeting the goal in an “economically-efficient way” and that it is not placing undue burdens on businesses or consumers.

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