‘We’ll freeze Europe’ Putin issues new threat as VDL plots end of Russia’s cash cow

The European Union’s plans to limit Russia’s energy profits did not sit well with Vladimir Putin, as the Russian President issued a horrifying warning. Story from the Express

Reports of the EU looking to impose a price cap on Russian gas led to Putin giving a fiery speech where he threatened to cut off all energy supplies. Cutting off all energy supplies to the fuel-starved continent would be devastating, and could result in rationing of supplies and even higher prices.

Giving a speech in Vladivostok, the Russian leader highlighted this control over Europe, warning of a bleak winter if the Kremlin stopped flows.

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum, he said: “Will there be any political decisions that contradict the contracts?

“Yes, we just won’t fulfil them. We will not supply anything at all if it contradicts our interests.

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“We will not supply gas, oil, coal, heating oil — we will not supply anything. We would only have one thing left to do: as in the famous Russian fairy tale, we would let the wolf’s tail freeze.”

“Those who are trying to impose something on us are in no position today to dictate their will. They should come to their senses.”

In an effort to curb the soaring prices, the European Commission is now proposing plans to approve a broad price cap on Russian gas, along with mandatory cuts in electricity use, and a tax on oil and gas companies.

Speaking after Putin’s threat to block supplies, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “We must cut Russia’s revenues which Putin uses to finance this atrocious war against Ukraine.”

Last year, Europe imported about 40 percent of its gas and 30 percent of its oil from Russia. Continue reading the full story: ‘We’ll freeze Europe’ Putin issues new threat as VDL plots end of Russia’s cash cow

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